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Wastewater Training Courses Overview

Control and Minimization of Total costs of operations is always necessary, but guaranteed reliability and long term sustainability are the keys to transport your wastewater treatment system above and beyond normally targeted measures. These wastewater training programs are based upon years of experience and accumulation of practices on actual performance of thousands of treatment systems. These wastewater training programs have been consistently successful in teaching people how to be proactive and achieve their goals of reducing Total Costs of Operation while also achieving compliance.

You will learn step by step procedures which will enable you or your operators to develop quick, easy to establish system checks to control and monitor your system in order to predict upsets, minimize energy and chemical usage, and avoid costly repairs and unnecessary maintenance procedures.

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These courses have been pre-approved for  Wastewater CEU's in Alaska,  Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii,  Idaho, Illinois,  Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, Kentucky, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin and West Virginia. Some states do not require pre-approval. If you need these approved for your state, please contact our office.

These courses are eligible for CEU's, Contact Hours or PDH (Professional development hour) in Alabama, Arizona, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Utah and more to come.

Now approved in Canada for Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan.

**Some states give different credits than others. Not all states give credits solely based upon contact hours. Please contact our office if you need to know the approval codes and credit hours for your specific state.

Just Released ***

Secondary Clarifiers

Secondary Biological Wastewater Treatment systems

Nitrification and Denitrification

Spanish Wastewater Basics

Filamentous Identification Introductory Course

Coming Soon 

Filamentous ID the Easy Way

Hands on Courses

Due to Covid- 19 all hands on courses have been put on hold

We will be holding hands on Two day courses in the future

2021 - Environmental Leverage Inc. is hosting a 2-day training class 

Batavia, Il.-2/Day Biological Wastewater Process Control Seminar

2 day wastewater training class

Location at Environmental Leverage - 1454 Louis Bork Dr., Batavia, Illinois 60510

Two Day advanced training and lab

Filamentous ID The Easy Way - Training class -Batavia IL

Learn what the filaments in are wastewater, what their causes are and process controls to make.

Located at environmental leverage - 1454 Louis Bork Drive Batavia IL 60510

Call our office for more information or registration forms or you can visit our Website at www.EnvironmentalLeverage.com.


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